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SaBotAge was a collaborative game created as part of my university course. I created the animations for the game, as well as doing most of the code in Unreal Engine. For the game we had to pitch an ideas as well as create prototypes to be selected for us to spend the rest of the academic year working on. I used 3Ds max for the animtions, I created the rigs for the models as well as hand animating them for use in the game, as well as animating the little dance for the main character for the main menu screen. The dance animation was based on Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I thought that his little dance had the comedy we were looking for.
Model "Main Character" Designed and modelled by Jake Hoare
Texturing Jack Keen, Nicholas Fernyhough


Main Menu Test

Main Character Show Reel

Animation Test in UE4

Early animation test